Walking Dead 17: Something to Fear – Robert Kirkman

After months of slow but necessary build-up we finally have another killer volume. And killer in the Kirkman sense of the word as the author/ butcher gets busy on his remaining cast.

To present a credible threat to our band of heroes takes something special. After the Governor and everything else they have endured it requires a different kind of menace to cause fear in Rick and the reader too. Kirkman has been driving us mad with trivialities, and doldrums, and the day to day boredom that much of a zombie aftermath would entail.

Did we make the mistake of believing the rosy glow on the horizon was something good? Time for us readers to get our comeuppance. There are shocks, surprises, a wonderful twist, and some hard to stomach brutality, the like of which we have not seen in ten volumes.

The art is great and there is nothing that distracts from the drama unfolding before you. A real master of the craft isn’t seen through spectacle and gratuity but through the subtle nuances that affect you without noticing why. Adlard knows his characters and his readers well and a small change of expression or shift in eye-line saves Kirkman a dozen words. This black and white world feels so authentic.

Definitely the most dramatic and engaging volume for some time. Definitely a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: The Chimpanzee Complex: Paradox – Richard Marazano

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