The Chimpanzee Complex: Paradox – Richard Marazano

Chimpanzee Complex 1Something fishy occurred in the 1969 moon landings and only in the year 2035 does this come to light prompting an unexpected space mission.

This is a Franco-Belgian title that has been translated into English. It has a strong female protagonist and a prominent sub-plot concerns her relationship with her young daughter. These two storylines blend epic drama and personal emotion, with each thread capable of standing on its own. It is a real page-turner and in only 56 pages a lot happens.

One of the standout elements is the art. It looks like real photographs that have been traced and painted or digitally posterised. It is a very bold technique and takes a little getting used to as the realism is much greater than you are accustomed to. It sits in the uncanny valley between real life and fiction. It does make everything much more dramatic and gives a real depth to scenes with movement or action.

An excellent read that sets you up for volume two. Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: DMZ: (1) On the Ground – Brian Wood

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