DMZ (3): Public Works – Brian Wood

DMZ 03This is astoundingly good stuff. You are captivated and riveted by this incredible story. It is so tense and dramatic you are holding your breath and on the edge of your seat. Never before have you feared so greatly for a fictional character.

Everything about this story is perfectly executed. Not just the pacing and plotting but the sophisticated way it is told. Matty’s narration puts you right there beside him, the news reports add authenticity and pictures make you an eyewitness.

The most shocking part of this fictitious story is it is actually true. You know that in other places under other names the greed, corruption and inhumanity you see on the page has actually happened and may be happening somewhere in the world right now.

The art is incredible and goes all out. There are picture perfect examples of light and shade to die for. Burchielli handles darkness incredibly well and can do so much with it. It is gratifying such a powerful story has such extraordinary art.

This is a story that needs and deserves to be told. Let’s hope it isn’t too late for us to listen. Double Thumbs Up!!


Tomorrow: DMZ (4): Friendly Fire – Brian Wood

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