DMZ (7): War Powers – Brian Wood

DMZ 07This book contains three different stories. First a two part look at what soldiers get up to when they aren’t being shot at. It isn’t what you think. Next is a major plot development in the ongoing storyline and finally Zee gets another issue to herself.

These have all the elements you have come to expect. Real world insight, twisting storyline and rounded, unpredictable characters.

This is another book with multiple artists all of whom embrace the DMZ style wonderfully. Burchielli keeps pulling neat little tricks out of the bag showing his passion and investment in this work. There are some minor digital appearances with a bit of motion blur and some snowfall. Both of these whilst unexpected are expertly executed.

You are getting used to DMZ so the shock and awe is wearing off but you are still engrossed. A solid Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: DMZ (8): Hearts and Minds – Brian Wood

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