DMZ (8): Hearts and Minds – Brian Wood

DMZ 08It isn’t just the brilliant idea or the shockingly relevant source material that underpins this incredible title but the great writing and superb art.

This long book contains two stories. The first is a monologue by a new character unique to this piece. There are no people we know but it does tie into a previous story element perfectly. This could easily be a standalone treatise on just how easily war can drive people in the wrong direction.

The second concerns the shit hitting the fan over the previous big revelation. Matty gets deeper into the mire as he walks his new path with Delgado. We miss his old role as heroic guardian of the truth and fear for his future.

The art is great. No gratuitous grandstanding just subtle flairs of genius. This is what every artist should be aspiring to.

Another Double Thumbs Up!!


Tomorrow: DMZ (9): M.I.A – Brian Wood

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