DMZ (9): M.I.A – Brian Wood

DMZ 09This volume is in two parts. The first is a collection of micro-stories. Some just single page, single paragraph, character studies; some are a little longer. These are all the neat, quirky ideas that Wood was sensible enough not to try and shoehorn into the main storyline. But, for the most part, they are worth telling.

Then we return to the main story for a very indulgent and melancholy slice of Matty’s mental state. This a protracted whine that although becomes grating very quickly really forces the reader into our protagonists head. You will love it or hate it but it does end on a very interesting note.

Continuing the collaborative art style we have ten different artists at work, thanks to the micro-stories, including Dave Gibbons. Some blend in, or even try to exceed the DMZ elegance, but two brave souls offer us some stunning black and white work. Both are perfect for the stories they tell and click neatly into the DMZ ethic. Full marks must go to Burchielli for allowing interlopers into his world with good grace.

Not to everyone’s taste possibly but it still doesn’t drop below a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: DMZ (10): Collective Punishment – Brian Wood

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