DMZ (10): Collective Punishment – Brian Wood

DMZ 10DMZ has changed. It looks like the lengthy shock and awe exposé style of the initial volumes has gone for good, or at least for a while. What we have instead are short pieces of life writing that take us, quite briefly, into the heads of real fictional people.

We revisit a few supporting characters that, you have to admit, you were wondering what happened to. Some of these stories get a little abstract but if you have made it this far Wood suspects you are robust enough for a little weirdness.

There is a collection of artists once again, as has become the norm, but this time Burchielli is nowhere to be seen. Some quite abstract styles are at work as one would suspect when you ask an artist to draw a story about an artist drawing and some subtly creative flashbacks.

You might get the feeling this isn’t what you signed up for but the stories are still powerful and you don’t doubt they aren’t, in some way, relevant or true.

For the bravery of the creativity this maintains a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: The Highwaymen – Marc Bernardin & Adam Freeman

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