The Highwaymen – Marc Bernardin & Adam Freeman

The HighwaymenIn the near future two elderly secret agents are summoned out of retirement by a message from the dead President Clinton telling them they have one last job to do.

This is a fantastically entertaining romp. It is funny, thrilling, doesn’t take itself too seriously, but has a few retro nerd references. It is an old school buddy movie with a great 80’s excitement ethic. The characters aren’t very deep but you latch onto them very quickly.

It is hard to translate movie action to the page. Fight scenes, car chases and explosions can all seem rather flat in 2D. This is one of the best examples of it done right. The art is great. Modern, brightly coloured, incredibly clean lines and with just enough digital magic to bring movement and spectacle to the eye.

It is a quick read but one you won’t regret. A classic Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: The Mystery Play – Grant Morrison

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