The Mystery Play – Grant Morrison

The Mystery PlayThis is a very deep work. You get the feeling this is much more intellectual than the average graphic novel. There is a storyline that you can follow for the most part but this quickly unravels. By the end you are wondering how much of what you read was supposed to have happened to the characters and how much took place in their minds.

It is a musing on God and to a lesser extent on religion and Man’s need for such. However, it is so vague that not only do you have to supply your own answers you will probably need to provide your own questions too.

It does have a fantastic sense of atmosphere and really crackles with mystery. The obscure English village has a quirky feeling of menace reminiscent of The Wicker Man. Although you suspect this is modern day the vintage cars, non-descript clothing and charming location lend an eerie, timeless feeling.

The art is incredible. Watercolours throughout, it has wonderfully realistic faces and expressions and beautiful depth and shading. The pictures also conspire with the cryptic theme and certain sequences are distorted to let you know you might not be seeing exactly what is happening. Having an American artist draw English country life doesn’t always work and you get some very American looking cops and the odd vehicle that seems out of place. Unfortunately with a work as non-figurative as this you aren’t sure if it is intentional.

It is definitely up to you to decide what actually happened and how much of what you read was concrete. This is a brave and artistic work but might not be as palatable as some would like.

Thumbs Up for being different.


Tomorrow: ORCS: Forged for War – Stan Nichols

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