Whiteout: Melt – Greg Rucka

Whiteout - MeltTinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy on Ice? No it isn’t some crazy Disney idea it is the follow-up to Greg Rucka’s masterful Whiteout. Actually this is more Ice Station Zebra with a modern day twist.

Whilst Whiteout didn’t need a sequel it is nice to see more of the great character Carrie Stetko. It starts off with an intriguing premise, which is a little James Bond, but sadly becomes far too predictable. You know who the bad guys are and are just turning pages until the good guys win. This isn’t a mystery, there aren’t any twists, and if you were uncharitable you could call the sex scene gratuitous. You do get to see more of Carrie Stetko if you know what I mean.

This is such a shame and so different from the original you would think it was penned by a different writer. There are lots of facts and a strong hook at the start but it just fizzles out leaving you disappointed.

The art is just as good as previously and you can see Lieber putting a lot of effort in, developing myriad techniques for drawing snow and visualising a palpable polar atmosphere. His style feels very old school and evokes the feel of popular war-comics of yesteryear.

So disappointing that it gets No Thumbs up here.


Tomorrow: DMZ (11): Free States Rising – Brian Wood

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