DMZ (12): The Five Nations of New York – Brian Wood

DMZ 12This isn’t the dramatic conclusion or frenetic final act of DMZ, we have already had that. From page one this feels like the epilogue. It is a quiet and reflective look back at everything we have learnt. A chance to catch our breath and take stock of where were have come from and the road we have taken.

There is one dramatic payoff that you have probably forgotten about and fair play to Wood for sticking to his guns and doing it his way. This isn’t a volume you have to read but if you are a long term fan and you really “get” DMZ then you defiantly should.

The art meets its usual high standard with Burchielli drawing the whole book. There is nothing innovative or spectacular but big mute panels do a great job of slowing the pace right down. This also has one of the most perfect sunsets ever seen in comics. The final page is also a fitting sight, if a little cheesy.

A calm and peaceful end to this turbulent series. Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Half Dead – Barb Lien-Cooper & Park Cooper

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