Half Dead – Barb Lien-Cooper & Park Cooper

Half DeadThis is an amusing adventure concerning modern day vampires and the government forces that hunt them. This isn’t a new idea but it is always interesting to see the neat and quirky tricks that authors bring to this scenario.

It is an entertaining read that, whilst not very deep, grows on you. It is quite a detailed story that is unfortunately delivered at maximum speed. There are no pauses or real use of pacing. The characters are more like action figures but you do warm to them, or at least their plight. It is set in London and makes good and faithful use of the setting.

The art is super-shiny all digital. It is restrained however and there isn’t any motion-blur or garish techniques to spoil your immersion. There are some inspired frames and angles that display great creativity and imagination.

Might work better as a movie or a cartoon but an entertaining read. Shame it never continued.

Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Sleepwalk and Other Stories – Adrian Tomine

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