Sleepwalk and Other Stories – Adrian Tomine

SleepwalkThis is a collection of short stories from a single artist/ writer. Each is a small fragment of someone’s everyday life, with most of them centring on younger people. With this kind of shotgun anthology you probably won’t click with all of them but they are amazingly good.

Tomine is an outstanding writer with a definite gift for words. He can evoke real emotion and attachment within the reader in an incredibly small amount of time. The shortest story is just four panels and the longest more than a dozen pages. Each is just long enough to allow you to feel another person’s life.

The art is black and grey with a very traditional feel to it. The drawing is plain and honest with nothing fancy to distract you from what is important. Some of the stories could work without the pictures and others rely on them heavily. Both writing and drawing this work Tomine brings a real synchronicity between the two disciplines.

It feels like a Susan Hill anthology; or perhaps even Usagi Yojimbo, as you aren’t sure how the stories will end.

Excellent writing, a joy to read, Double Thumbs Up!!


Tomorrow: Rust – Royden Lepp

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