Rust – Royden Lepp

Rust 1This is a beautiful work indeed, both visually and emotionally. It is a simple enough tale that gently meanders along but has some secrets for you to work out.

It really puts the “graphic,” into graphic novel as the words are sparse and carefully chosen. It reminds you of a storyboard for a film as it has a very dynamic feel to it. You can see Lepp’s training as an animator used to great effect. It looks hand drawn but there are very subtle digital tricks at work to massage the images and bring tangible motion to the page.

The colouring is outstanding with the entire book painted in sepia. This gives it a wonderfully old, nostalgic feel to it. The story has futuristic elements but is bathed in the trappings of the past. You have never seen brown work so hard.

This oozes quality, from the canvas-covered proper hardback binding to the premium quality paper it is printed on. The inside covers also feature mocked-up photographs from the story. All of this is so appropriate to feel of the piece.

Despite being almost 200 pages and an inch thick this is a rapid read as the pictures do most of the work. It is one of those subtle and universal stories that adults and children can get along with just fine and it definitely has you wanting more.

Double Thumbs Up!!


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5 thoughts on “Rust – Royden Lepp

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. If you hadn’t mentioned it I probably wouldn’t have heard of it. Volume two is on order. I actually got an email from Royden Lepp who saw the review. How great is that. I shall add him to my (short) list of creators who have gotten in touch.

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