The Boys: Volume 3 – Good for the Soul – Garth Ennis

Boys 03The Boy’s is very much like the X-Files in that some stories will be a “monster of the week” and others will be a mythos episode that advances the grand story arc. This is a great plot story as we learn more about Vought American and The Boys. It is well told in that we get just enough clues about the characters to start putting the pieces together ourselves.

Ennis is a man who likes to take risks. Usually with the profane but this time he gets a bit risqué by retelling the 9/11 events but with supers. The man has big balls indeed and it is actually a very compelling read. There are a lot of his thoughts on politics and religion in The Boys; sometimes it is subtle and clever, sometimes it head-butts you in the face.

A lot of this volume is exposition and even though there are some timely cutaways you do tend to think maybe this episode would have worked better as plain text like Alan Moore would do. The passages are broken up well and the art does its best to help out but it is talking heads and a waste of the medium. The art is superb. There is no evidence of cutting budgets or encroaching deadlines here. Each panel is meticulously drawn with lots of fine details and rich colouring. You really get a sense of quality and pride. There are even some nice touches in the lettering too.

Ennis is great at shock and awe but he is also tells a superb love story with genuine emotion and uncanny observation. He did it in Wormwood and excels himself here. You really feel for the characters but can’t help but fear all the twisted plans he undoubtedly has for them. This is definitely more than a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: The Boys: Volume 4 – We Gotta Go Now – Garth Ennis

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