The Boys: Volume 6 – Self Preservation Society – Garth Ennis

Boys 06Last volume was the sex, now this is the violence. The Boys must be taken out and so the Supes get nasty. The first part is an extended fight scene that goes on longer than the infamous scrap in “They Live.” There is a cameo from a previously featured character but it feels rather gratuitous. It does make for a nice break from the dialogue heavy previous volumes but it isn’t The Boys’ greatest strength.

Then we come to the staple of all comic books – the origin story. We learn about Mothers’ Milk in a genuinely emotional and moving tale of family hardship. It also has M.M. doing an incredible impression of Butcher in a superb flourish of language. Then Frenchie who paints this absurd, surrealist vision that is absolutely hilarious. Then the Female, in a pastiche of Akira and an almost word for word scene from the film Aliens.

The art is still top notch. There are some very nice techniques and great visual flair that is finally managing to escape the epic weight of the writing. We do get a few questions answered, or at least some more pieces of what has been puzzling us. This is a pleasant change of pace that makes us even more eager to press on. As always, Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: The Boys: Volume 7 – The Innocents – Garth Ennis

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