The Boys: Volume 7 – The Innocents – Garth Ennis

Boys 07This is it. It’s crunch time. Three years and six volumes have been leading up to this. Ennis has been painting us a wonderful picture of a realistic world, an intricate and exciting back-story, realistic villains, and characters we have come to love. Characters that we know will never have a happy ending but that doesn’t stop us blindly hoping they will. We want a happily ever after against impossible odds. This is the volume that sees it all come crashing down.

It’s Garth Ennis for goodness sake. He’s got you by the balls and now he starts to twist. This is an exceptional volume with everyone at the top of their game. The balance between visuals and dialogue is perfect. There is flair and skill in the incredibly beautiful art. The language is spot on. The story is just right. All the elements have come together like a literary conjunction that has been polished till it glows like a supernova.

You know what is going to happen, and that isn’t because the writing is bad, it’s because the writing is good. It’s what would happen. There is no deus ex machina here, just the ripples of cause and effect that have been building since the first volume. I can just imagine Ennis’ smug face as all the pieces of his game fall into place and we get hit with an emotional avalanche. This is how it should be done. Double Thumbs Up!!


Tomorrow: The Boys: Volume 8 – Highland Laddie – Garth Ennis

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