The Boys: Volume 10 – Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker – Garth Ennis

Boys 10Like the previous volume this is all about the past. All description of things you don’t know that happened previously. This time it is done right. This is a graceful and elegant piece of writing that uses flashbacks, narration, diary entries, dialogue, monologue and everything it can think of to break this information down and present it in clever ways.

This is Butcher’s story. Everything from his childhood to the present day. Just when you were thinking he was as bad as Homelander we strip him bare and reveal the raw human being underneath. This is a very powerful and emotional story that is mature and upsetting in places. Violence is a big part of The Boys and we take it in our stride in all its graphic glory. But the violence here is all off stage and it is shocking and disturbing.

The art is outstanding. No longer an afterthought or second-fiddle but an equal partner. There is a lot of creativity and determination in these images. A good deal of thought and bold choices go into making this an excellent work. Robertson is back in the driving seat and it shows.

It was almost the best Boy’s story but for a mistimed real world intrusion. Ennis tries to be funny but this is the wrong time for funny. The highest Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: The Boys: Volume 11 – Over the Hills with the Swords of a Thousand Men – Garth Ennis

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