Welcome to the month ten roundup.

The counter on the website says I only have one month to go. I make it two but there is certainly a clock ticking.

This month there were no Thumbs Down titles. Thank goodness, I don’t want to waste my final days on rubbish.

There was one No Thumbs title. It’s been a long time since we saw one of those. Such an unexpected disappointment too.
Whiteout: Melt – Greg Rucka

We had twenty two Thumbs Up titles. Less than last month.
DMZ: (2) Body of a Journalist – Brian Wood
DMZ (5): The Hidden War – Brian Wood
DMZ (6): Blood in the Game – Brian Wood
DMZ (7): War Powers – Brian Wood
DMZ (9): M.I.A – Brian Wood
DMZ (10): Collective Punishment – Brian Wood
The Highwaymen – Marc Bernardin & Adam Freeman
The Mystery Play – Grant Morrison
ORCS: Forged for War – Stan Nichols
Whiteout – Greg Rucka
DMZ (11): Free States Rising – Brian Wood
DMZ (12): The Five Nations of New York – Brian Wood
Half Dead – Barb Lien-Cooper & Park Cooper
The Boys: Volume 1 – The Name of the Game – Garth Ennis
The Boys: Volume 2 – Get Some – Garth Ennis
The Boys: Volume 3 – Good for the Soul – Garth Ennis
The Boys: Volume 4 – We Gotta Go Now – Garth Ennis
The Boys: Volume 5 – Herogasm – Garth Ennis
The Boys: Volume 6 – Self Preservation Society – Garth Ennis
The Boys: Volume 9 – The Big Ride – Garth Ennis
The Boys: Volume 10 – Butcher, Baker, Candlestickmaker – Garth Ennis
The Boys: Volume 11 – Over the Hills with the Swords of a Thousand Men – Garth Ennis

This month we had eight Double Thumbs Up titles. Probably the most ever.
DMZ: (1) On the Ground – Brian Wood
DMZ (3): Public Works – Brian Wood
DMZ (4): Friendly Fire – Brian Wood
DMZ (8): Hearts and Minds – Brian Wood
Sleepwalk and Other Stories – Adrian Tomine
Rust – Royden Lepp
The Boys: Volume 7 – The Innocents – Garth Ennis
The Boys: Volume 8 – Highland Laddie – Garth Ennis

Another month gone. What hell am I going to do when this is all over? Start again maybe?

My star was The Boys as it is Ennis’ finest work that really gets under your skin. Rust was also a sheer delight. I actually gave it away as an Xmas present to a friend of mine who always complains she has no time for reading as it is such a light read you can zip through it in no time. But equally you can linger on the wonderful artwork and just soak up the idyllic rural atmosphere for ages.

See you next month


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