FreakAngels Volume Two – Warren Ellis

FreakAngels 02This wonderful series continues just as well as it started. Almost mirroring the first issue we have a long period of character development. This includes some clever recaps and cast reintroductions courtesy of Alice. Then there is a shocking moment of drama but this time there are consequences that need to be dealt with.

We meet the remaining members of the Angels ensemble and also see a small flashback of life before. The clues and reveals are expertly timed so you never get frustrated or deluged with information. As always character is king and although you have a lot of personalities to take on board they all remain distinct.

The art has stepped up a gear. There are more digital backgrounds adding to the already high production value and more complex shading appearing. A large part of the story takes place at night so many of the pages are quite dim. Whilst this would be fine on screen (as this was originally an online comic) it looks a little murky in print, but does allow you some great lighting effects.

You want more and you want it now. Maximum Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: FreakAngels Volume Three – Warren Ellis

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