FreakAngels Volume Three – Warren Ellis

FreakAngels 03With two volumes dedicated almost entirely to character development it is now time to increase the drama quotient. Things hot up in the community and the Angels go a bit Lord of the Flies.

Although a continuous webcomic we are getting the feeling this work is split into books or arcs and this one has a monumental cliff-hanger. The plot progression feels natural and you don’t get the lingering monster-of-the-week feeling. The dialogue is wonderful and each character has a definite ‘voice.’

The art is exceptional and clicks up another notch, with the colouring getting a much needed boost after last volume’s nocturnal theme. With a maximum of four panels per page, and often less, coupled with a scarcity of text this is a wonderfully visual book. There isn’t a lot of fine detail but skilful colouring and framing adds real depth to the panels. There are some expertly timed visual tricks to give you a mental kick at key moments too.

Amazingly good stuff that leaves you craving more. Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: FreakAngels Volume Four – Warren Ellis

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