FreakAngels Volume Four – Warren Ellis

FreakAngels 04Regardless of how long you have been waiting for this volume you want the cliff-hanger from the last one resolved. Ellis being the maestro that he is makes you wait but gives you something even more exciting. He flashes back to the main event and you get to see what happened. ‘See,’ being the operative word as you watch things unravel in a beautiful and imaginative series of silent frames.

This is a riveting and compelling read with a fast pace and moments of real drama. Ellis also shows you the world isn’t as black and white as people think it is. His antagonists aren’t cartoon stereotypes but complex people on a different path.

The art is superb with a lot of skilful and imaginative touches boldly crammed in. There are three time periods here and each of the characters is present at a different age. All of them are distinct and identifiable and it is great to see our beloved characters as children.

Absolutely brilliant in all ways so it has to be a Double Thumbs Up!!


Tomorrow: FreakAngels Volume Five – Warren Ellis

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