FreakAngels Volume Five – Warren Ellis

FreakAngels 05You will hate this book. I hated this book. Briefly. For the first few pages you will assume Ellis has finally gone off the rails and lost his mojo. Then he yells surprise, reveals he has resoundingly tricked you, and this will turn into the greatest book in the series.

Again the art pulls more tricks out of the bag. There are some amazingly bold creative decisions. How do you portray mental time travel? By doing things with colours the human eye was not meant to know. There is a 21 page monologue. How do you handle that? By treating frames and panels as merely suggestions and having your character rise out of the page. There are things here you will never have seen in any other comic.

The story is great. Weighty existential concepts are tossed around like beach balls and we aren’t phased at all. Our expectations are toyed with by Ellis the master story puppeteer and we are enthralled the whole time.

A genius marriage of writer and artist that leaves you open mouthed. Double Thumbs Up!!


Tomorrow: FreakAngels Volume Six – Warren Ellis

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