Rust 2 – Royden Lepp

Rust 2Once again we have the joy of another volume of Rust. Everything about it, from the hardcover fabric binding, the extra thick pages and master-crafted story is fantastic. Nothing has changed and no compromise has been made in terms of high production values or unique style.

You have to remember to slow your reading right down or this will flash through in minutes. As most of the story is told visually there is very little reading to put the brakes on. This is the epitome of visual storytelling and you the reader feel two steps ahead of the characters. Not because a disembodied narrator has spoon-fed you the watered-down plot but because you use your eyes and your wits to figure things out for yourself. The author trusts you read between the lines and pick up on the subtle cues that he draws in.

The art is equally brilliant. A hand painted labour of love with just enough digital magic to draw you in. There is a wonderfully animated chase sequence – just like the first book – whose vast length you don’t mind as you are on the edge of your seat. We are also getting to know our characters well enough that a flick of the eyebrow or subtle smile speaks volumes.

Very few of the blanks you carried over get filled in but we do get a sense of how things fit together better. Not through lengthy idiot-proof exposition but by casual references and wonderfully natural dialogue. The only regret you have is that Lepp’s 200 page marvels are over far too quickly.

This volume contains a Free Comic Book Day story that although stands alone fits neatly and perfectly into the ongoing saga.

The highest Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: BONE – Book One: Out from Boneville – Jeff Smith

1 thought on “Rust 2 – Royden Lepp

  1. Only just saw this! Really enjoying this series, and I think the train chase is honestly breathtaking, and FCBD story superbly written. Can’t wait for the next instalment.

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