BONE – Book Five: Rock Jaw, Master of the Eastern Border – Jeff Smith

Bone 05“Do something quick small mammal, before we are all killed to death!” It is lines like these that assure you that you are in safe hands with Smith. This volume is essentially an extended chase scene on a cliff but we still get time to learn more about the plot, have a few laughs, get our heart-strings tugged and even philosophise on the nature of good and evil.

The art is the same good stuff and manages to impart a tangible sense of danger. Crumbling ledges, rockfalls, and giant snapping beasties are all rendered with dynamic excellence and really brought to life.

Smiley and Fone are the only main characters in this volume and it feels lighter than some of the previous books but still a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: BONE – Book Six: Old Man’s Cave – Jeff Smith

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