100 Bullets: First Shot, Last Call – Brian Azzerello

100 Bullets 01This is very good stuff. Modern crime drama with a noirish twist. Reminiscent of Ed Brubaker’s Criminal series but with a grungier, baser feel to it.

There are three stories that get progressively shorter. Each is a mini masterpiece until you realise the connection and then you are hooked. The secret of the 100 Bullets is deftly handled and definitely leaves you wanting more. Azzerello builds real suspense and tangible menace too.

The dialogue and setting tastes authentic and whilst all the gangsta speak can make your head hurt it is worth persevering with to immerse yourself in the situation. The twists come out of leftfield but you never feel cheated. Although short stories there is a huge anchor to what will be a massive bigger picture.

The art is excellent and spot on for the feel of the story. It has that classic Vertigo newsprint feel to it. The soft matt paper yields deep colours, the panels are very informal and there is a lot of shadow. The silhouette is king and the darkness shows you more than the light.

There is no way I can wait till the next volume so it has to be the Double Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: 100 Bullets: Split Second Chance – Brian Azzerello

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