100 Bullets: Split Second Chance – Brian Azzerello

100 Bullets 02The man with the attaché case returns. We get some more stories of revenge but we also delve deeper into the conspiracy. We learn nothing, or if it is possible, less than nothing. Nothing that we can rely on. You get to see more of Graves in action and thanks to Azzerello’s wonderful character building it is terrifying.

Azzerello is like a watchmaker. Dozens of tiny details are pressed intimately together to make a spinning, dancing whole. He is a wonderful storyteller and you just sit there open mouthed, reading as fast as you can to try and keep up and desperately find out more.

The art is superb and Risso puts so much more into every frame than anyone else would. You can see the stories of everyone in a bar just by peering into the background as the foreground action unfolds. What would be dressing for most artists comes alive and sucks you in.

With several pages of dialogue in French and no translation it is clear Azzerello is one to take risks. From the complexity of his story and lack of pandering to the lazy reader we also see he isn’t going to compromise on what promises to be an amazing vision.

Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: 100 Bullets: Hang Up on the Hang Low – Brian Azzerello

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