100 Bullets: The Counterfifth Detective – Brian Azzerello

100 Bullets 05This volume is a proper pulp noir. It has the hardboiled detective narrating his tale and drinking his way through a mystery that twists and turns like a snake on a carousel. There is a connection, a briefcase and an appearance by our favourite Agent but it feels like a standalone story.

The obligatory first person narration is highly polished and packed with wit and clever linguistics. It is chock full of “dames,” pervading both the art and the story. Whilst they are part of the territory Azzerello works hard to ensure they aren’t just plot signposts, although can feel a bit too disposable.

The art is great as always and works to capture that noir feel. The colouring is top notch too but both aren’t the best you have seen in the series.

It is solid but seems too disconnected to form part of the mythos despite using established characters.

Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: 100 Bullets: Six Feet Under the Gun – Brian Azzerello

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