Fables (3): Storybook Love – Bill Willingham

Fables 03There are two one part tales, a single two part tale and a longer work so you are definitely getting a lot of bang for your buck as they are all good.

The stories all have different artists but each suits the themes they are illustrating very well. The colouring of each is also excellent with a lot of carefully chosen palettes. Having a lot of artists on the job means they can take their time with the pages producing a richer result. The rigid square panels also disappear in the main story too. Characters and speech cross into other frames, there are curved and even circular panels, the art goes full bleed, there are parallel scenes on a page, and exotic floral borders. It really goes all out.

The writing is also excellent. The last story is filler but is so charming you don’t mind. The first evokes a wonderful period atmosphere and has a real morality play quality to it. The other two are very well plotted and very dramatic. There is sex and death aplenty in this book and it has a dark tinge to it just as proper folk tales do.

As it is hard to think how this could improved I give it the Double Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Fables (4): March of the Wooden Soldiers – Bill Willingham

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