Fables (14): Witches – Bill Willingham

Fables 14Here is another great volume from Willingham. With the crossover out of the way we can get back to doom and woe as usual. Here we learn how Mr Dark got into the box in the first place. Then in the second tale lots of exciting events unfold in Fabletown. Finally we return to Haven for a game of baseball, and a murder.

These are all great stories but the final one really tugs at your heart strings and presents you with a fierce emotional quandary. Willingham is a great writer and presents small personal tales just as well as shocking intrigue or epic drama. It is all about the deep and vibrant characters he has created.

The art is great with three artists presenting three tales. The Mr Dark origin story is a recollection from long ago. To make it stand out from current events they came up the brilliant idea of dropping the trademark borders. The art goes full bleed to the edges and it makes much more of a difference than you would expect. Another great choice.

Once again, Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Fables (15): Rose Red – Bill Willingham

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