Fables (15): Rose Red – Bill Willingham

Fables 15OK, so now this is officially the new biggest ever volume of Fables. It’s got everything. An origin story; an epic battle; births, deaths and marriages; standalone tales; humorous interludes; literally everything. There is even a sketch book, a prose story, a board game and a cut out puppet theatre (not that you would cut it out). There is even the milestone issue 100 too. Plus reader questions from celebrities – albeit minor ones.

With all this content there are lots of artists at work. As usual Buckingham tackles the main story leaving the little tales to the guests to show off their wonderful and distinctly individual styles. It is great seeing the mix of medium and technique and you are bound to find some new people whose work you want to check out.

This is truly great and deserves the highest possible Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Fables (16): Super Team – Bill Willingham

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