100 Bullets: Wilt – Brian Azzarello

100 Bullets 13There will be blood. How else do you think it will end? Sadly not a lot of explanations though.

This is a mighty twelve issues that rumbles on as one continuous juggernaut. It twists and turns and jumps back and forth. You can’t really get a handle on things as so many people are trying to fuck each other up. This is the ultimate Mexican standoff as The Trust backstab each other and Minutemen blow each other away. Occasionally these cross over.

The last page is satisfying. There is no final answer or neat resolution. Art reflects life in that these things always end in a bloody mess. There are some satisfying points along the way and as long as you accept the fact Azzarello is writing the story the way it should be told and not the way you want it to be then all will be well.

It has been a long journey. The finesse and patient character development has passed in favour of tragedy and perhaps kismet. You might have hoped or expected something different but Azzarello stuck to his guns and the irresistible force met the immovable object. A bittersweet finale. Most Shakespearian.

The art is good with some nice standout moments but there is so much conclusion being rammed in that it doesn’t get a chance to stand on its own. The last few pages are without dialogue so it gets to shine one last time.

Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: The Losers: Ante Up – Andy Diggle

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