The Losers: Ante Up – Andy Diggle

Losers 1A Special Forces unit goes on the run from their masters who tried to kill them and… well you know the rest.

This is a romp. Undoubtedly an action-adventure romp. Part Ocean’s Eleven, part A-Team, here is a wild and wonderful ride. With a twisty turning plot, Hollywood violence and plenty of explosions this will make you smile, and chuckle too. Characterisation is reduced to a series of shortcuts but that never stopped James Bond so why should it inconvenience us. It begins in the middle of the action and never lets up. Before you know it you are finished and are wondering what hit you.

The art is very bare bones. Few lines and big blocks of digital colour. But this straightforward approach is perfect for the cartoonish action it depicts. Realism doesn’t get a say in things with backgrounds replaced by emails, spreadsheets and flags to speed up the reading pace when exposition happens.

This is the Energy Drink of comics – snappy dialogue and a pace that makes your head spin. Definitely a Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: The Losers: Double Down – Andy Diggle

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