The Losers: Double Down – Andy Diggle

Losers 2The first book was all action and let you down by lack of character development. This corrects that with each character getting some attention and Pooch in particular getting a fleshed out family. The action is still there and because you are getting to know and care about these people it makes it more effective. The humour and occasional pop culture reference really draw you into this world and give you plenty to invest in.

The politics is as blatant as ever. You could easily see this as a Garth Ennis or more likely Micah Ian Wright work. The prescient quotes at the end of each volume show you this is more than just a brainless action-fest and there is a message you need to take note of.

The art is good but the garish blocks of digital colour don’t do it any favours. The thick lines and low detail do add a certain cartoonish charm that complement the over-the-top action but much of the good ideas are painted over.

A really enjoyable work that appeals on many levels and brings its own style. Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: The Losers: Trifecta – Andy Diggle

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