The Losers: Endgame – Andy Diggle

Losers 5This is the conclusion of a great ride. The shit hits the fan as it all goes nuclear.

There are some quite surprising twists here. Max has an interesting development that you don’t see coming and the extent of his plan is audacious in the extreme. This isn’t the usual slugfest finale of many a lazy writer.

The whole thing seems well researched and for a conspiracy theory story it feels surprisingly authentic. There is a disappointing moment of exposition where it all bogs down as the plot is revealed through a massive monologue. Diggle could and should have handled this better but it is over quickly and relatively painlessly.

The art is really good and has gained more detail over the volumes but it isn’t applied consistently. The backgrounds often have more detail than the characters. There are some excellent full page spreads at key moments and really intelligent uses of colour.

This is a deeply political book,it has a lot to say about the world around us and the conviction to shout about it. Because it is a comic it slips under the radar and can get away with calling spades spades. There are some important lessons to think about after you finish reading.

A great end and a high Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: Fables (17): Inherit the Wind – Bill Willingham

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