Fables (18): Cubs in Toyland – Bill Willingham

Fables 18The main tale here touches on the dark side to most fairy tales and reminds you just how creepy toys can be. There is an excellent atmosphere and a brooding sense of trepidation and fear. The childish overtones really provoke your unease.

The other tale is one of those standalone pieces tangentially linked to the Fables plot. It is narrated by Ambrose giving a story within a story. There is little need for this technique other than to mark it as a Fables work and make us curious about the fate of the Wolf family.

Buckingham draws the main part expertly which has some wonderful colouration too. Gene Ha steps in to do the second story giving a very different feeling and some really dense tones. Special mention must go to the lettering as the small but clever choices add to both works.

Thumbs Up!


Tomorrow: TBA – The final book in this lengthy quest.

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