Welcome to the month twelve roundup. The last one. Ever!

This month there were no Thumbs Down titles.

There were zero No Thumbs titles.

We had twenty three Thumbs Up titles. Less than last month.
Fables (1): Legends in Exile – Bill Willingham
Fables (2): Animal Farm – Bill Willingham
Fables (4): March of the Wooden Soldiers – Bill Willingham
Fables (5): The Mean Seasons – Bill Willingham
Fables (7): Arabian Nights (and Days) – Bill Willingham
Fables (8): Wolves – Bill Willingham
Fables (10): The Good Prince – Bill Willingham
Fables (11): War and Pieces – Bill Willingham
Fables (12): The Dark Ages – Bill Willingham
Fables (13): The Great Fables Crossover – Bill Willingham
Fables (14): Witches – Bill Willingham
Fables (15): Rose Red – Bill Willingham
True Faith – Garth Ennis
Rose – Jeff Smith
100 Bullets: Dirty – Brian Azzarello
100 Bullets: Wilt – Brian Azzarello
The Losers: Ante Up – Andy Diggle
The Losers: Double Down – Andy Diggle
The Losers: Trifecta – Andy Diggle
The Losers: Close Quarters – Andy Diggle
The Losers: Endgame – Andy Diggle
Fables (17): Inherit the Wind – Bill Willingham
Fables (18): Cubs in Toyland – Bill Willingham

This month we had five Double Thumbs Up titles. Less than last month but it was a short month.
Fables (3): Storybook Love – Bill Willingham
Fables (6): Homelands – Bill Willingham
Fables (9): Sons of Empire – Bill Willingham
Fables (16): Super Team – Bill Willingham
V for Vendetta – Alan Moore & David Lloyd

This month was dominated by Fables which has been on my shelf for a while as you can see in the picture. A very good series. As was The Losers.

My star was definitely V for Vendetta. This is the pinnacle of what you can achieve in graphic novels and almost 25 years on it is scarily relevant.

See you next month – Oh no, I won’t! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.


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