Post Mortem

Well thank goodness that’s over! But yet how sad…

They say never turn your hobby into your business and that is kind of what this felt like. Reading graphic novels was great and discovering ones that I never knew about through people’s recommendations was also great. But reading one a day because you have to is not so great. It’s why you end up hating the books you were forced to read at school. I know several times I changed what I promised the previous day to read to something more in keeping with my mood. And no matter how hard you try to build up a couple of volumes in hand, these never last.

I knew early on that I would not be able to fit everything in. A long running series will take up most of a month. Just look at my banner picture. Bomb Queen, House of Mystery, Jack of Fables, Jungle Girl, Red Sonja, Unwritten, etc. But 365 books is still no mean feat. I just wish I could remember them better. If you quizzed me on some of my early books I am sure most of the details have been crushed by those that came after. I should have taken better notes, but I was very conscious that my reviews should contain no spoilers.

So what happens now? Other than longing for a medically induced coma you mean? Well I will keep the site up here for a while. Any ongoing runs (such as Walking Dead, Chew, Fables, and so on) I will read and post. And next year I will think about doing it again. Maybe differently, maybe not.