BONUS REVIEW Chew Volume 6: Space Cakes – John Layman

Chew06This is another visually stunning book. If Andy Warhol made comics they wouldn’t be half as good as this. Here is another amazingly bold piece of art. Everything is turned up to the max. The colours, the framing, the expressions and the magnificent lettering.

There are more of the same daring narrative techniques ubiquitous in the Chew series of ambitious prologues, confusing timelines, and dynamic flashbacks. There is only one thing missing. The story. And this isn’t some clever experiment either. With our lead character in a coma what we get are a series of extended gags and second tier ideas stretched beyond their means. Agent Poyo has his own story, Tony’s brother does too but most of time we follow Toni Chu, his sister.

This is definitely the weakest of all the books to date. With no compelling, or even coherent storyline to drive us forward it just feels like the advert break. Let’s hope we get Tony back soon and this series returns to its full potential. Only for the great art and lettering does this book deserve a Thumbs Up!