BONUS REVIEW Hero 9 to 5: Quietus – Ian Sharman

Hero 9 to 5 QuietusThis is what you get is you cross the Carry On films with superheroes. Whereas the last volume had a lot to say and quite a bit of heart this doesn’t. It is like the shameless cash-in sequel. It isn’t bad and will make you smile and laugh while playing spot the pop culture reference but it is definitely a vanity project. This is the kind of thing that makes a great free web-comic. You will enjoy reading it but might object to paying for it.

The art is just as delightful as the previous volume. Garish and bombastic in the best way possible. There is talent and enthusiasm and it complements the bawdy nature of the piece perfectly.

If it were longer it would make more of an impression but in the shadow is its superior predecessor there are No Thumbs today.