BONUS REVIEW Morning Glories Volume Four – Nick Spencer

Morning Glories Volume FourIt’s back! The cross between Grange Hill and Lost hits us with another chunky volume ending season one of its story.

This title is almost a victim of its own success. The plot is so elaborate and sophisticated it is almost impossible to comprehend in separate parts. The easiest and most enjoyable way to deal with this wonderful series is to read the whole thing from start to finish after it has ended. But if you have already started you will be clamouring for this volume. Just make sure you re-read what has come before as this hits the ground running.

To be fair this volume does give you a better idea of what is going on and who people really are. There is also enough Biblical mythos thrown about that you can put some of the bigger picture together too. The ending is dramatic but has a sense of closure.

There is a lot of time travel in this issue and we are jumping backwards and forward every few pages. While this works in TV it isn’t so hot in print. Things are very clearly labelled both in art and words so you don’t get confused.

The art is just staggering as always. It is almost impossible to appreciate standards this high in a monthly title. The colours are amazing with fabulous lighting and wonderful characterisation. There is a mute beginning and plenty of full page panels showing off just what pictures can do. The art needs to be this good however as this is an incredibly wordy book with endless dialogue. Every few pages you will have a disembodied black or white background. Whilst these don’t derail the flow entirely they are a disappointment to such a sumptuous book.

A very high Thumbs Up!