BONUS REVIEW The Walking Dead 18: What Comes After – Robert Kirkman

WD18This is a subtle volume. Not a quiet before the storm, not an exercise in the boredom involved the aftermath of a crisis and not a tantalising use of suspense. This is important shit being revealed.

Negan. That’s who is on your mind. Clearly he is a monster, worse than the Governor if the events of the last volume are anything to go by. This volume tells you more about him. You won’t love him after this book but, thanks to Kirkman’s skilful writing, you will see he is a complex character. The brainless mass of the zombie antagonists demand a deep and complex cast.

This is the end of the world and people have been stripped of the social veneer that lubricated civilisation. Is the best thing for a community a strong, harsh leader who is consistent and who obeys his own rules? How does the unpredictable and emotionally fraught Rick compare to that standard?

A lot of this book’s strength and intelligence is below the surface and relies on you to ask the questions about what it shows you. There are some shocks but less than the average book. It won’t let you forget what happened last time either. That wound will take time to heal.

Nothing here will question your faith in this series and like all books now the ending just makes you want the next one even more. Thumbs Up!