BONUS REVIEW Crossed: Wish You Were Here volume two – Simon Spurrier

Crossed - Wish you were here 2Finally we have someone who understands how to write the Crossed title as well as its creator Garth Ennis. This is a great piece of writing, period. This could be a novel or a film as easily as a comic because the voices of the characters and the compelling narrative are so strong. And there is one hell of a mystery being revealed too.

The key to his success is that this is a story without end. Removing the page count, the deadlines and the artificial cliff-hangers allows the story room to breathe and grow organically. Without the constraint of a monthly issue forcing you to compromise your vision you end up with a better story. The fact this is a free webcomic and it still sells books is testament to its well-deserved success.

The narrative is sophisticated, jumping about in time, but the anchor of a solid first person narrator who has enough flaws to allow you to care about him makes it work. Spurrier no longer feels the need to outgross the previous authors and asks important questions about them. And he knows it’s all about the survivors and the kind of people they become.

The art is great. With it being a webcomic a lot of people are contributing to the art and although individual artists/ colourists drop in and out you can’t actually tell when. Changes in the timeframe are marked with subtle changes in the colouring that is helpful but not that overly-consistent. The layout is regular and ordered reminding you it is about the emotion of the story not the gratuity of the style.

There is a who’s who at the back but like the last volume these are all characters you haven’t met yet so don’t read it.

This isn’t a horror comic this is human drama. Bare that in mind before you purchase. Or check it out online first. For rising to the challenge of the original Crossed ideal this gets the Double Thumbs Up!