BONUS REVIEW Crossed Volume 6 – Garth Ennis & David Lapham & Si Spurrier

Crossed 6 BadlandsThis is a mighty book with a lot of content. Really good content.

The first tale is by Garth Ennis doing what he does best; talking about soldiers and religion. It’s a fine story with a rock solid pace. It does suffer a little from being a polemic but Ennis soapboxes very well and with a lot of research.

The colouring is exceptionally vibrant to the point of unrealistic but this gives the nightmare future of the Crossed quite an eerie and surreal quality that works well. The outstanding point is the panelling. This is some of the most imaginative you have ever seen. The borders are composed of blades of grass, kitchen tiles, playing cards and more to make this an incredibly artistic vision.

The second tale by David Lapham reveals the fate of Amanda whom we met in volume three. This is another tale examining mental illness and whilst better than the original with its garish hallucinations it still fails to rise above middle of the road.

The final story by Si Spurrier fails to match the incredible work he has been doing on Crossed: Wish You Were Here. This is kind of a slice of life love story with a little twist but none of the thought-provoking drama we know he is capable of. Raulo Caceras returns on art duties and we get some more surprise framing techniques.

Once again it is nice to have a big dollop of the Crossed but as time passes the art loses its shock value and occasionally veers into the uncomfortable. Nothing to make you stop reading but it drags it down from a higher rating.

Thumbs Up!