BONUS REVIEW Crossed: Wish You Were Here volume three – Simon Spurrier

Crossed - Wish you were here 3This is an astounding piece of work. Not only is it great Crossed fiction it is superb reading altogether. Crossed has finally caught up with Walking Dead in terms of plot, surprises and characterisation.

Our unreliable narrator, Shaky, isn’t a hero, an anti-hero or a villain. He is much more complex than that and you genuinely can’t work out if you like him or can condone or forgive his actions. This is an excellent piece of writing. His almost noir recitation is expertly crafted.

Spurrier has you hooked. The constant tick-tocking between the present and the past at dramatic moments compels you to keep reading. The mystery of how the two are connected keeps your mind whirring like a dynamo. More valuable than that is that the mists are clearing and the answers to our questions are finally in sight. And what a final page!

This is the perfect vehicle for Spurrier. Not only can he tell a cracking story he can also get stuck in to religion, politics and a certain first-world nation.

The art is great. A lot of love and detail go into the characters and their expressions. There are also some faithful depictions of actual geography too.

Double Thumbs Up!