BONUS REVIEW Morning Glories Volume Six – Nick Spencer

Morning Glories Volume SixWelcome to another instalment of Teen Lost. I was about to give up on Morning Glories before this book. Not because it isn’t great but because enjoying such a rich and ambitious story in such infrequent instalments is really unsatisfying.

This short volume continues on with the usual mind-bending complexity, time travelling and flashback-laden action. It lurches between behemoth plot and touching human drama with its massive cast getting the screen-time of Mayflies.

But it is just so beautiful. The art is fantastic and only breaks out of square panels where absolutely necessary. The colouring is luxurious to the extreme. The covers are, of course, to die for.

This is an easier read than the last one with the talking heads spread out more and interleaved better with the visuals. There are a lot more literary and pop culture references in this book which can be quite distracting but it’s nice to see Spencer showing off his reading habits.

There is a variant cover gallery some of which have interesting ideas but none of which can match the majesty of Esquejo. There are also two pages of art process examples, presumably just to fill space.

Thumbs Up!