BONUS REVIEW The Tin-Pot Foreign General and the Iron Old Woman – Raymond Briggs

The Tin-Pot Foreign General and the Iron Old WomanThis is about as close to a polemic as Raymond Briggs gets. There isn’t the humour and elegance of “When the Wind Blows,” this is a proper gut-puncher.

It is an anti-war statement that takes the Falklands Conflict as its metaphor but applies equally to all wars. At first it appears to lampoon Thatcher and Galtieri in a very Spitting Image style giving you the impression this could be a children’s book. Then it turns very dark as it deals with the loss of life present in this event. Although focussing slightly more on the British side it makes no judgements on which side was “in the right.”

The art is great, the bold colours and cartoon style making it punchier than most of his other works. A switch to black and white pencils at a key moment really takes you by surprise and you stop laughing as the seriousness of the message hits you.

This could be too adult for younger children despite is clear message but is a definite must for your Briggs collection.

Thumbs Up!

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