Justice League International – Dan Jurgens

Justice League International 1Welcome to Batman in space. Yep he goes into space and fights aliens on their spaceship. ‘Cause that’s what Batman is famous for right? This is the kind of shallow nonsense that four year olds make up with their action figures. Actually no they don’t, they make Axe Cop which is way better.

A collection of second tier super heroes from around the world is formed into a team by the United Nations. They must then fight a threat from space the moment after they have just met each other. Cue petty squabbles and Jingoism. And Batman stows away on their plane too.

This could have tackled some real-world concerns. It makes no use of the United Nations, its remit, its history, or its failings whatsoever. There is a tiny mention of people mistrusting their governments, seeking change and crying out against corruption and profiteering but those people then plant bombs and are written off as terrorists. Clearly this is the Fox News of comics.

The art is garish, bombastic and gratuitous in the extreme. There are flashes of talent and potential but the whole thing is smothered in sickly dayglo. It is polished but it is still just going through the motions.

Just because you have a bunch of characters sitting around doing nothing doesn’t mean you should cram them into a book at the first opportunity. If you have to add Batman to make it work you really shouldn’t have bothered.

No Thumbs!

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