Tomb Raider: Lost Horizons – Dan Jurgens

Tomb Raider Lost HorizonsOh dear god it’s awful! Please make it stop. These aren’t the things you should be saying when reading something you enjoy. Maybe it is time to stop.

There are two stories here and the first appears to confuse Lara Croft with James Bond. It is dire and the twist at the end is poor indeed.

The second tries a lot harder. Lara becomes a little more vulnerable and human and we see some competent storytelling daring to emerge.

The art is typical of the previous books and where there are lots attempts to inject motion and excitement onto the page many of these don’t work. The lettering also has spelling mistakes. Yes that’s plural.

The fact that Eidos and Core would put their names to something like this is also a travesty.

It could have been more, but no thumbs today.

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