Deepak Chopra’s India Authentic: The Book of Shiva – Deepak Chopra

India AuthenticCreated by author Deepak Chopra but most likely written by Saurav Mohapatra this book serves to bring some of India’s oldest tales to the modern, Western audience. Classic takes of the Hindu pantheon featuring Shiva, Uma, Kali, Ganesha are here with the timeless resonance that ancient tales of wisdom bring.

They vary from straightforward story to more esoteric works but all are lovingly told. The language is quite unusual in places with words like “yesterbirth” and other distinct phraseology. You aren’t sure if this is an awkward translation or an attempt to evoke the feel of another, more ancient, language.

The art is great with incredible colouring. Huge swathes of dramatic primary colours wash over the pages bringing a divine and cosmic wonder to the reader. There are three different artists and six different colourists showing a variety of complimentary styles. The panels are mostly straight and traditional but used intelligently.

A Thumbs Up!

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